Lowcountry Learners

1210 Hospital DriveMount Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: 843-388-1949Email: lowcountryLearners@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Lowcountry Learners is an early childcare learning center and education provider. Our goal is to encourage learning in a creative environment through exploration, to build lasting friendships, and help them feel empowered with self-confidence and encourage independence.

Our curriculum will include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which is a vital part of our children's future. We will offer our students rewarding Hands-On- Learning experiences that are geared to their age group. The engaging programs and projects are designed to excite the children about STEM topics and empower them with self-confidence with the feeling of accomplishment! 

Business Review

This school is wonderful! My daughter has been attending since 3k and is off to kindergarten this year. LCL has grown to be an extension of our family and we are blessed to have found this school. The owners/directors are great, and I feel like they genuinely care about the students and are aware of what goes on inside their school each day instead of standing back and just letting things happen. It is not a daycare; it is a true preschool with curriculum and different topics of study each month. We feel our daughter is ready and prepped for kindergarten. We will truly miss this school and all of the wonderful staff, but plan to send our younger child here next year!!!! Thank you LCL!

  • Erin Armstrong 

The people at Lowcountry Learners are genuinely caring and loving, and the programs they do are creative, thoughtful, and involved. Love the app they use, also- they’re great about updating it every day. Both of my daughters love the school!

  • Katie McGinnis 

My daughter has been going here since last week and I absolutely LOVE the staff and all that they do.  At her last daycare, she cried from day one when I would leave her, at Lowcountry Learners she will look back and say “Bye”! and just walk right to her room as happy as can be.
I am so appreciative of how hard they work to ensure her comfort and my peace of mind.  
                                                                             -      Martha Hills

Awesome programs and amazing staff.  We couldn’t be any happier!
                                                                         -       Andy Taylor

Lowcountry Learners has been such an amazing preschool for our son who started they’re in February 2019.  Prior to him attending Lowcountry Learners he was going to a private Montessori school here in Mt. Pleasant.  The environment at that school was not a positive experience and we had to pull him out last September.  Montessori is typically a very large classroom with 20 kids and very large age gaps.  He got lost in such a hectic environment which caused him to have severe anxiety.  He didn’t seem to like himself.  It was heartbreaking.  We were excited to find Lowcountry Learners with their smaller classroom size, only kids his age in his class, and hands on learning.  We knew he would do better there, and it’s exceeded our expectations.  He’s made so many friends in his classroom and comes home talking about his day and all of the things he is learning.  He hasn’t cried once at drop off! Not once!  Complete turn around from his previous experience   We are grateful to have found them and that he feels safe and loved while he is at school.  As a parent, there is no greater feeling to know when you leave your child under the care of someone else…they show up, do the work and make it a positive experience for them.   Thank you, Lowcountry Learners,… You’ve made a huge impact of our son.

 -      Belina Kretzer