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~ Macaroni kid Charleston has consistently been our top advertiser for five years!  If you're geeky: Macaroni Kid is our top referring site with the most conversions to sales.  In addition, Lisa attracts are parents to the online community whose values (kids, adventure, fun) fit ours.  Working with Macaroni Kid Charleston has been a great experience! - Kyndra Luce, Famous Adventures

~ Advertising with Lisa and Macaroni kids is the single most effective thing I did when opening my business in SC last year! I can't tell you enough how many people say they found my art studio through Mac Kids. If you own a business, she is your answer to affordable and successful marketing!   ~ Vanessa Steele, Art Place Studio

~ Macaroni Kids really gets the word out!!Lisa is also incredibly kind as a person and cares about the community.She helped me/Birthdays For All organize a toy drive for children in Lowcountry foster care and group homes and because of Macaroni kids hundreds of people came!   ~ Steffie Green, Birthdays for All