Dr. Randy Pagenkopf

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3 Reasons Why Your Search For A New Dentist Is Now Complete

#1: Just Say No To Pain

Our primary goal is that you are as comfortable and pain-free as possible while visiting our office.

#2: Accurate Treatment Plan

Other doctors may or may not push the limit on the treatment you may or may not need. With us you’ll only get what you really need.

#3. We’re Not Your Mother

Rather than a reprimand of scolding, you’ll get nothing but positive encouragement from us.

Business Review

More Than Happy!

“My children have been patients of Dr. Randy since they started getting check-ups. He makes them comfortable and I feel educated about my children’s teeth at every visit” – Beth

The Best Experience.

“On the few occasions when my kids have needed treatment, Dr. Randy was sure it was pain free and easy experience.  We love Dr. Randy and wonder if they can keep going to him forever!” – Ellen