Stroller Strong Moms: Bringing women together as moms and athletes

February 11, 2021


Stroller Strong Moms is a stroller friendly total body workout. We offer comprehensive programming that takes you from pre-pregnancy, to pregnancy, postpartum and beyond! We provide women with a community of support to empower them, not only through fitness, but also through motherhood. We pride ourselves on our valuable community partnerships, extensive social media outreach, creative and challenging fitness classes, diverse cultural backgrounds, and a variety of age and developmentally appropriate activities and socialization opportunities for the little ones in tow.


Owner, Megan Brookes,  holds numerous fitness certifications including a group fitness certification and a pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coaching certification. This means that you will get an amazing workout, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in.  It means we understand and respect your body, mindset, and goals.  It means we go beyond just modifying certain exercises.  We educate, talk about, and demonstrate the importance of breath in relationship to movement, positioning and alignment of the body, pressure management and tension within the body. It means we acknowledge your journey and meet you where you are right now.  And we work to progress you through movements when your body is ready to do so. It means we work closely with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists in order to best serve you. It means not everyone's workout will look the same.  And that's okay!  We celebrate it!  We are all at different stages in motherhood, we have all had different experiences through pregnancy and birth, we all have different bodies, we all have different fitness levels, and we all have different goals. We can’t to Sweat Like A Mother (SLAM) with you! Your first class is always free!