Letter from your New Publisher

Hello Charleston Macaroni Kids community!

By Vanessa Steele February 9, 2021

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a quick moment and introduce myself, your NEW Charleston Macaroni Kids publisher. 

My name is Vanessa and I am the lucky mom to two great daughters, Kenna and Kaya. 🌸 🌺  I am also married to the love of my life, Ken. ❤️  I own a local business in Mount Pleasant, The Art Place Studio and have been so fortunate to have met and gotten to know so many families in our area. 🤩 

🌞 I have been a resident of Mount Pleasant for about 6 years, since moving down from Pennsylvania. Like many of you, I was not born here, but feel the Charleston area will always be my home. ☀️ 🏝 

I am beyond thrilled to be given the opportunity to publish our local Macaroni Kid!  It was the first advertising I chose for my studio when I moved here.   That’s when I met Lisa Bayorek (the former publisher) and became a huge fan of the Mac Kids from a business perspective as well as a mom.  I want to also tip my “publisher hat” to Lisa and thank her for all her hard work over the last 6 years and more importantly all her support, help and encouragement to this new transition.  She has set the bar very high, and I hope to continue her success. 🏆 🎉    Thanks Lisa! 💜 

I encourage any of you to reach out to me and let me know if there is anything you would like to see in upcoming publications. I also hope that if you are ever in my studio you will introduce yourself and tell me a little about you and your family.  Hopefully this will allow me to provide the kind of content you both want and need.

Thanks again for reading my quick intro -  I look forward to meeting you and publishing for you!!


P.S. This is a really old picture of my sweet family, but it is one of my favorites and I thought I would share it with you!!  It was taken at the Pittsburgh Zoo. 🐘